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Greetings! Welcome to THE VIRTUAL THEATRE BLOG.

First and foremost, I want to thank you for all your continuing support. We are slowly but steadily growing day by day, and that's really exciting. Please continue to share our website and social media pages. We want to make ourselves accessible to the world, especially in this pandemic.

Now to the blog:

This blog will serve various roles as we continue to grow, all in the realm of theatre and the arts. My hope for the blog is to become an extension of the Virtual Theatre Company and make resources accessible and available for all those seeking it. The vision is to build a team of artists and creators and give them a canvas to share their ideas and experiences and share them with you all.

Q: "Why are you doing this?"

A: Why, thank you for asking John Doe.

Listen here, John, I believe theatre has existed for hundreds and thousands of years. Dating back all the way to the age of the cavemen. Cavemen, who, after a long day of hunting and gathering, would assemble together at night and share stories of their adventures with the rest of their tribe. Theatre has only evolved since then. We go from ensemble to the creation of individual characters and dialogue in Greek Theatre. From the miracle and nativity plays in Medieval Theatre to the great iambic pentameter of William Shakespeare in the English Renaissance. To modern, contemporary American Theatre and the Broadway Musical. But now we are facing a new evolution of theatre, theatre that is digital, virtual, and more accessible for audiences and artists alike.

I am here to witness and contribute to this new medium of theatre. COVID-19 isn't going away any time soon, she's here to stay. Theatre has survived through wars, dictators, pandemics, plagues, religion, persecution & censoring. Will theatre survive COVID-19? History says yes. But we cannot be complacent, sit, cry, and wait for the pandemic to be all over. We must continue to feed fuel to this art form and adapt ourselves to this way of life. We must continue innovating and creating. It's being demanded of us to do so.

In a world/society where empathy seems to be trickling away by the day, I invite one and all to:

A. Close your eyes and take 2 deep breathes. Relax.

B. Reflect on atleast one person/thing you are grateful for.

C. Lead with patience, love and compassion.

D. Use the state we find ourselves in and use those influences to create something beautiful. Innovate!

I'm aiming to make a new blog post every 2 weeks as of right now and adapt as our community continues to grow. In the meantime, continue to share and spread the word about us. I really do appreciate it! If you have any suggestions on future blog topics, we invite you to reach out to us.

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Thank you all so much. I wish and pray for your safety and well being.

Welcome to the Virtual Theatre Company & the Virtual Theatre Blog!

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