“There is no true success without failure.”

The Virtual Theatre Company was founded in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic on June, 22nd 2020, by Bryant Gipull Garcia. Beginning in mid-march, the Broadway League announce the immediate shut-down of all Broadway productions due to high capacity gatherings to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Throughout this pandemic in the United States, practically every single theatrical production has been halted, delayed until further noticed or straight out canceled, leaving us in a so-called “theatre blackout.” 

In these times, I, Bryant Gipull Garcia, started to challenge the notion and foundation of what theatre is. 

What is theatre?
How can theatre take place in these strange times?
Are there other forms that theatre can survive in?
How can theatre artists establish and/or recreate a theatrical experience virtually?
What opportunities has the theatre community been missing out on?
How can/will engagement programming exist online?

I may not know the answer to all of these questions but this is what I can tell you: THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

At the Virtual Theatre Company, students, performers, and artists will be pushed and challenged to expand their horizons and creativity. As a collective, we will be endeavor on a great journey to find the answers to these questions. 

The Virtual Theatre Company is a big experiment, exploration, and disruption of what define as “theatre arts.” Humanity will never be able to achieve much if we play it safe, if we continue the cycles of our past ancestors, if we don’t amount to taking risks and taking chances. We fall, we get hurt, we start to bleed, we add ointment and a bandage, we heal, and then we get up, learn from our mistakes and try something new. 



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